To help make your life a bit easier, we pre-answered some of your questions.

What should I wear? We recommend wearing comfortable, breathable, athletic wear for all classes. Running shoes are an absolute must in classes except barre – no shoes, no class, no exceptions! Grip socks are beneficial for barre classes, but feel free to leave your lovely feet bare!

What should I bring? Bring a yoga mat, water bottle and footwear to every class. We do rent our mats for a small $2 fee. We provide the H20 if you need a refill.

Can I bring my cell phone into class? Despite a little separation anxiety, no cell phone are allowed in the studio (other then your trainer). You will enjoy the class more and the other ladies won’t be shooting daggers at you. If you are expecting an important call, our front desk staff will gladly notify you in case of an emergency.

What if I can’t make it to my class? We understand that sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way of our best intentions, but we ask that you please cancel your registration at least 3 hours prior to class.

What if the class is full? If the class you wish to sign up for is full, we highly recommend the wait-list. As spots become available, you will automatically be added to the class. Check your email! If you think wait-lists are so last-year, arrive at the studio early and snag a spot on a first-come-first serve basis, as a few spots are held for walk in guests.

What if I don’t cancel my registration? If you don’t cancel your registration 3 hours before class or do a “no-show”, your class will be deducted from your package.

What is the $3 charge on my account? This charge is for ‘unlimited packages’ only. Like we said above, we do understand that sometimes ‘life happens’ but please give other ladies a chance to join the class. The $3 charge was added to your “unlimited” package because you  ‘no-showed’ or ‘late cancelled’ at least 5 times within a 30 day period. This small fee must be paid prior to attending your next class.

Here are some studio “dos and don’ts”. We want to make sure all ladies are comfortable and safe, and that we respect each other – we really do appreciate your understanding!

Shhh. We understand you may have a really juicy story to share with your friend, but chit chat during class is very distracting to other ladies and your instructor. Let’s respect each other!

Challenge yourself! Our classes are intended to invigorate and inspire you to break personal boundaries! We will guide and support you the entire way, but listen to your body and rest when you need. Our instructors will gladly offer modifications to keep you safe.

Golden Rule. We strive to make every lovely lady feel welcomed and inspired. Please help us maintain this environment by being courteous, welcoming and encouraging.