September 20, 2019by Nicole Paradis

What we eat will hugely impact whether some of  us bloat. Various nutritional professionals recommend the following recipes as meals and snacks to beat the bloat. Try one, some or all and let us know what you think and whether they worked for you. Happy deflating!

Ginger Lemonade with Aloe (1 serving)

Aloe lemon drinkNutrition Coach, Karen Martel: “This drink tonic works wonders on belly bloat. Both ginger and aloe are known for their amazing digestive qualities. Ginger helps calm the stomach, relieve nausea and has proteolytic qualities. Aloe is well known for it’s healing, soothing effects on the gut.”

 1 fl oz pure aloe juice
2 tbsps lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
1 tbsp maple syrup (or other favourite natural sweetener)
1 tsp ginger (peeled and finely grated)
1 cup water
Add all ingredients to a covered jar or container and shake vigorously.
Strain into a glass with ice. Serve immediately and enjoy.

Spiced Salmon Kabobs (4 servings)

Food Allergy Coach, Erin Lamb: “Asparagus is an anti-bloating superfood. Sure, it makes your urine smell, but it also makes you pee! This helps you flush all that excess water, resulting in relieving any discomfort and bloat. Asparagus also contains prebiotics, which helps support the growth of ‘good’ bacteria. This helps maintain a healthy balance in your digestive system to prevent and/or reduce gas. Finally, the vegetable contains soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps promote overall digestive health.”

“Protein can also act like a natural diuretic helping your body get rid of extra water and is important for water balance in the body.” 

2 tbsps p
arsley (chopped)
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
2 tbsps maple syrup (or honey or Stevia)
2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil (plus extra for asparagus)
1 1/4 lbs salmon fillet (sliced into 1 inch cubes)
2 lemon (sliced into thin rounds)
8 barbecue skewers
6 cups asparagus (woody ends trimmed off)
Sea salt and black pepper (to taste)

Preheat grill to medium heat. In a mixing bowl, mix the parsley, sesame seeds, black pepper, sea salt, red pepper flakes, maple syrup and olive oil. Mix well. Add the salmon pieces and toss well to coat. Grab your BBQ skewers and slide on a piece of salmon, followed by a folded lemon slice. Repeat until all ingredients are used up and several kabobs are made. Toss asparagus in a splash of olive oil and season with sea salt and black pepper to taste. Place kabobs on one side of the grill and asparagus on the other. Grill both for about 3 – 4 minutes per side, or until salmon flakes with a fork. Remove from the grill and divide between plates. Enjoy!

Golden Turmeric Latte (2 servings)

Don’t feel like eating because of the bloat? Try this anti-bloat hot beverage instead.

“Ginger is a well known digestive aid helping with nausea, indigestion and bloating/gas; turmeric helps to stimulate the secretion of bile which can help with digestion (especially of fats) helping to reduce bloating that might otherwise occur and cinnamon (like ginger) is classified as a carminative, meaning it not only helps with preventing gas and bloating from occurring but it can help relieve it once it has occurred. Add to these spices that the latte uses coconut milk instead of dairy, which can lead to gas/bloating and other digestive issues for many people, makes this really the perfect drink to sip!”

1 tbsp ginger (grated)
1 cup organic coconut milk (canned)
1 cup water
1 tsp turmeric (powder)
1 tbsp raw honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 tsps coconut oil

Grate the ginger then squeeze the juice out of it into a saucepan. Discard the pulp. Add the remaining ingredients to the saucepan and place over medium heat. Heat through for about 3 to 5 minutes, not letting it come to a boil. Whisk continuously. Carefully transfer into a heat-proof sealable container. Shake or stir vigorously until a foam starts to form. (Note: You can also use a blender for this step, but the turmeric can stain the blender cup.) Pour into glasses through a sieve and enjoy!

Cauliflower, Kale & Lentil Detox Soup (6 servings)

Jass Stupak, CNP,: “This recipe is filled with so many nourishing superfoods to help reduce inflammation and promote gut health like garlic, kale, cauliflower, lentil and olive oil. The nutrient-dense vegetable broth helps to add hydration and minerals to the body.”





2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil
1 yellow onion (diced)
2 stalks celery (diced)
2 carrot (medium, peeled and diced)
4 garlic (cloves, minced)
1 head cauliflower (chopped into florets)
4 cups kale Leaves (chopped)
6 cups organic vegetable broth
2 1/4 cups lentils (cooked)
Sea salt and black pepper (to taste)
Heat the olive oil in a large pot. Add the onion, celery, and carrots. Cook for about 10 minutes, or until veggies are softened. Add the garlic and cook for 2-3 more minutes. Add the cauliflower, kale, and vegetable broth. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Stir in the cooked lentils and season to taste with sea salt and black pepper. Divide between bowls. Enjoy!

Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie (2 servings)

Pineapple Tumeric Smoothie

Kathleen Oswalt, RDN: “Pineapple contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme helps breakdown proteins and ease digestion decreasing your chances of feeling gassy and bloated. Ginger contains gingerol, the compound that gives ginger its medicinal properties including aiding in better digestion. Lastly, turmeric coupled with a small amount of black pepper can have strong digestive benefits. Piperine in black pepper is a compound that helps enhance the activity of digestive enzymes in the gut helping your body digest food easier and quicker.”



2 cups u
nsweetened almond milk
2 cups pineapple (diced into chunks)
1 tbsp ginger (peeled and grated)
1/2 cup vanilla protein powder
1 tsp turmeric (powder)
Combine all ingredients together in a blender and blend very well until smooth. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

Banana Cinnamon Smoothie (2 servings)

Banana SmoothieNutritionist Dana Silvestri: “Banana and cinnamon are wonderfully soothing on the digestive system and pair well together to aid bloating, gas and an upset stomach. This recipe also includes flax and chia seeds, which are incredible sources of soluble and insoluble fibre, and can help reduce bloating by feeding the friendly bacteria in your gut. However, if seeds do not digest well for you, swapping them out for nut butter can be a great alternative. Eliminating foods that you are intolerant to plays a large role in reducing bloating.”



1/2 cup vanilla protein powder
2 tbsps ground flax seed
2 tbsps chia seeds
2 bananas (frozen)
4 ice cubes
2 cups water
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glasses and enjoy!

Lemon Dill Baked Salmon (4 servings)

Grilled Salmon

Tina Gravalos, CNP: “Healthy fats are amazing for gut health because they help to reduce inflammation. Not only does the Lemon Dill Baked Salmon have all the healthy fats from the fish, ghee and hemp seeds, it also has greens. Leafy greens are also anti-inflammatory and will help with keeping your gut health in check. This recipe is super versatile and you can use any greens you would like, making it a serious nutritious powerhouse.”




1 1/4 lbs salmon fillet
1 tbsp ghee (melted)
2 garlic (cloves, minced)
2 tbsps fresh dill (chopped)
1 lemon (zested and juiced)
1/4 tsp sea salt (or more to taste)
4 cups mixed greens
Preheat the oven to 375ºF (191ºC). Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place the salmon in the middle. In a small jar, mix together the melted ghee, garlic, dill, lemon juice, lemon zest and sea salt. Pour it over the salmon. Fold up the edges of the foil so that the fish is sealed in a pouch. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until fish flakes with a fork. Remove the salmon from the oven and serve with mixed greens. Enjoy!



August 18, 2019by Nicole Paradis

It seems like – poof – one day I woke up with a belly. As a look in the mirror and grab my roll, I wonder “where the hell did that come from?” I’ve always prided myself on my flat belly and defined abs, and have even received the occasional “wow” about my midsection. But this past year, those defined abs disappeared under a thin layer of fat (insert small whimper), despite my continued focus on fitness. This is definitely not part of my plan. I think I’ve hit perimenopause.

Where did my abs go?

So, let me paint my picture for you. My minuscule C-section ridge – which was something I’d accepted as my “mark” of having a baby – has now transformed into a sausage-sized roll (just hazarding a guess here as no measurements were taken). And I find this so damn frustrating. What was once a slight ledge is now an easy-to-grab roll. It’s squishy and pliable and feels like doughy bread, and I’m not even a fan of bread!.

Even when I wear leggings or a form-fitting outfit, I can see my squishy, doughy ridge. It makes me uncomfortable. And then add in the bloat and the size of my ridge increases, especially when I sit. So much so that I have to pull my pants/waist above the roll just so I’m comfortable. Any one else?

Isn’t this a freakin’ eye-opener

Perimenopause sucks! Yes, I recognize that his is the start of the aging process for my body, but it’s a real eye-opener for me since, for the most part, I feel really young. It’s like my body has started rebelling against me. But I’ve treated it so well for the past 10 years – like wtf!? I’m afraid it’s going to start abandoning me even more. What’s next? Will my hair start to fall out? Will I start packing on the pounds that no amount of exercising will help and the next thing you know, I’ll have bra fat? Will my joints start to ache and my libido fade? When do the sweats start and the out-of-schedule periods visit?

Perimenopause: road much traveled

My aging story has just begun and I’m 100% friggen’ not ready or prepared for it! But I suppose how I choose to travel this next journey is up to me because I know these changes will continue to pop up and surprise me along the way whether I want them to or not. This journey, although new for me, is one that so many women have traveled. Sadly, many have traversed this road alone – feeling isolated, depressed and often, like there is nothing they can do and no one who understands their feelings.

Sharing the perimenopause journey, and beyond!

And that’s the main reason for starting this blog: to bring together women, who are in their late 40’s and older, to share in this journey. To find solutions to help all of us feel less isolated; to appreciate that there are other women going through similar journeys who can help us get through the overwhelm. But also, to celebrate some of these stages and phases of female aging. And yes, to sometimes bemoan the challenges we face as we age.

Shared pain often lessens the weight and shared joys and laughs shine an even brighter light on our journeys. So, I invite you to share your stories to help all of us within this community feel less alone and live lives as beautiful, amazing, and joyfully aging women!

Now, I ask each of you to be vulnerable: what was your first experience with aging or when you realized you had probably hit perimenopause? How did it make you feel? What were your thoughts? Click here to join our women-only Facebook group so you can share your story or thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you!


April 24, 2019by Nicole Paradis

3 Ways to Stay Motivated Youtube Video HERE.

Facebook Group Link HERE.

Transcription of video:

Welcome to 2G TV, today we’re talking about motivation or the lack of motivation. Are you finding any excuse in the book not to exercise?

Finding those tedious tasks, like cleaning your house more thrilling than going to the gym? Does your couch call your name every evening after supper?


In today’s episode of 2GTV, we’re gonna talk about three ways to help you get past that lack of motivation. Stay tuned.

So I think most of us lack motivation from time to time, and even for you and I. Like we enjoy working out, but still lack motivation from time to time.

Yeah, sometimes. Most of the time we have really good intentions to work out.


Wouldn’t you say?


But then we end up pushing it off after work. And then after work, dinner happens.


And then we need to get those kids ready for bed, and then after that we’re just too damn tired.

Yep. Makes sense. So where do we find motivation when working out becomes the last thing on Earth we want to do? Like what do we do?

So one of the ways that we have found works for us, and for our clients, is to find ways to stay accountable.

Definitely. So I think one of the ways would be scheduling it in to our calendars, so actually writing it down.

Putting it in your phone.

Yeah, I don’t use phones. I’m sorry, I’m old school and that’s just me. But you put yours in your phone, right?

I put mine in the phone, absolutely. So I know on this day I’m gonna work out and then I can’t schedule anything else in.

So we take it pretty serious.

Another way to stay accountable is to work out with a friend.


Or with a coworker, or a family member, just finding somebody that you have something in interest with.

Yeah, so like similar goals would be ideal. You don’t have to have similar goals, but somebody who’s gonna be helpful to you, not be like, “Oh, I don’t want to go today.” Right? Like you want a good workout partner.

Another way people can stay motivated, or get motivated, is to join a challenge. Have you done any challenges?

Yes. We did Spartan.

Oh yeah, that was pretty fun.

That was a lot of fun.

Challenges can be social, so it kind of involves not just yourself, right?

They’re exciting, they’re new, again they’re social, and if you’ve got that little bit of a competitive edge, they’re great for hitting that for sure.

Definitely. And you can typically … most challenges have an end date which is kind of good ’cause you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You have something to work towards.

Another way to stay motivated is to create a healthy habit. So for instance, you might drink water every morning when you wake up.

And I think picking that one habit and just doing it over and over and over again until you feel like it’s part of your lifestyle now.

You’ve mastered it.

Yeah, you’ve mastered it before adding in two, three, four, five other things. Right? ‘Cause it can get overwhelming.

And this is also gonna help you … help give you a sense of accomplishment without feeling overwhelmed.

Definitely. Third way to stay motivated I think would be just not allowing that voice in your head to take over. You know what voice I’m talking about, Nicole?

Don’t work out, you’ve got everything else to do other than working out.

We’ve all had it, Nicole and myself included, so it’s just getting ahead of that and being aware of that voice and not letting it take over.

So some ways that you can drown out that voice.

Remind yourself of the reason why you’re working out in the first place. So for different people that’s gonna be different things but some of you might be exercising to become more healthy. So actual health concerns.

You might have a wedding or a vacation plan is coming up and you want to be really hitting that gym or really eating healthy. Coming up to that activity.

Definitely. Another way to drown out that voice is just having your workout bag ready to go. So that as soon as you feel like, “Oh… I’m kinda feeling a little lazy after work.” As soon as that voice starts to come up just grab your bag and go. Because you’re gonna be moving towards that direction.

Or what you can also do, which a lot of our clients do, they pick up that phone and they call one of us as their coaches.

Yeah. So it’s our job to help keep our clients accountable as well and remind them why they’re doing this in the first place.

So one of the last ways to stay on track?

Well, they can join our Facebook group. So guys if you’re not already, if you are a part of our Facebook group already, that’s awesome. But if you would like to be part of it, it’s a great community of people going through similar fitness goals of maybe yourselves.

And finding ways to continue being motivated or to help them stay motivated, and get past those little wiggly voices that tell them they’re just not ready to work out so they don’t feel like working out.

So we’ll leave the link for you, make sure you check it out, and we’ll see you guys next episode.

See you guys.



March 21, 2019by Nicole Paradis

HIIT: An Effective Way to Lose Weight.

View our HIIT: An Effective Way to Lose Weight video here | Join our private Facebook Group

Welcome to 2G TV. In today’s episode, we talk about one of the best ways to exercise in order to lose weight. We talk to a lot of people who say they’re putting in the work, they’re exercising, but they’re not quite seeing those changes [they hope to see]. This is what happens when your body hits a plateau. So basically, it’s adapted to the exercises that you’ve been doing.

February 22, 2019by Nicole Paradis

Transcription of 2GFT: Healthy Breakfast Options. Click here to view the Healthy Breakfast Options video: | Join our private Facebook Group

Welcome to 2GTV. In this episode, we talk about common breakfast foods that can sabotage your weight loss goals. We also give examples of breakfast foods that can help you reach those weight loss goals. So stay tuned…

Hey, guys. Welcome to 2GTV. I’m Lara. This is Nicole. And today, we are super excited, because we are talking about – breakfasts!